Churchill Manufacturing
Churchill Manufacturing has been building Custom Machinery
and consulting for Factories around the World for over 20 years.

"We build Machines, so you can build Things"
12 Ton Metal Forming Machine for U.S. Department of Defense 1998
Snowboard Manufacturing Presses for USA Production 1996
2 Bay Skateboard Press 2001
4 Cavity Skateboard Press 2001
Skateboard Production Factory
Specialty Press for Wakeboard Production 2004
Heat Transfer Printing Machine for Specialty Surfaces
Specialty Chopping Solution Cutter for USA Roofing Manufacturer 2017
Specialty Press for US Military to smash T-Shirts, Underwear and Socks into a 3" Hocky_Puck for filling C130 Cargo Plans with Troop Under Garments 1997
Vacuum Acid Dye Tank for Coloring Hardwood Veneer used in Skateboards and Gun Stocks
Press for Smashing T-Shirts into Shapes for Football, Baseball and Nascar Events 1999
Scientific Press for Smashing Organic Media into Oils and Rosin
Specialty Drilling Fixture for making Hole Patterns in Skateboards 2001-Present