Map shows which country has the most sex and which has the longest sex

In case you needed to know, here’s the top 10 countries who that have the most sex. At least we are #1 for something.
Their duration per ‘sesh is in parenthesis:

  1. United States (3:45)
  2. China (2:40)
  3. Canada (3:41)
  4. United Kingdom (2:56)
  5. Russia (3:31)
  6. France (2:53)
  7. Australia (4:02)
  8. Mexico (3:23)
  9. Spain (3:22)
  10. Italy (2:50)



Every once in a while a good thing comes along and just about the time you find out about it, it disappears. This seems to be the case with The Churchill brand of longboards. The emails keep coming in saying, “I just found out about you guys and want a board bad!” So the good news for skateboards around the globe is that there are still some suppliers that, “got the goods”. Check out these bad-ass Churchill dealers and get some wood before it’s all dried up.


Happy shopping and thanks for all of your support.
- Churchill



Bad Ass Churchill Skate Decks

Hey, how ‘yer dooin’?
Time goes by fast and before you know it, 2014 will be gone. I just realized how much traffic this site gets. So we better step up the game and rally the “girl scouts”. Our riders need to get off their asses and get us some shots so you guys have something to look at once in a while. What’s happening over here at Churchill these days? Well, to tell you the truth, we are busy as hell. It’s hard to believe since the entire skate industry is falling on it’s face. What happened? Did you clowns finally get tired of all the same old shit hittin’ the ‘zines, issue after issue? Though I gotta say, that piece on Ty Evans in the Skateboard Mag was pretty dope. If you ain’t got a multi-copter following you around, you just aren’t getting the shot. That’s the future of bad ass videos, my friends. If you are a filmer and you aren’t flying quadcopters to get that aerial media, you better get some “thumbs” and learn those sticks. 

Lately, we have been printing lots of decks and wheels for our favorite shops and small brands. Back in the day we used to print a mad amount of wood for our homies at Active, before they folded and got scooped up by new investors. Today we are all about the small brands. That’s the future of this sport. If you don’t believe me, take a look at longboarding. Where did that come from, is what all the street guys are saying. I’m told even Jese Martinez is slammin’ the downhill around Santa Monica, what? What does that mean? Well, I am pretty sure that once new skaters got bored with “flips and rails”, they turned to something new. Viola, a ton of little brands emerged making all kinds of wacky stuff, us included. Now were is longboarding? It still has it’s little click of small labels, but some big dogs grew outta the soup. Then it became an “industry”. Once that happens, company owners get full of themselves and they start having “opinions”, just like I am spewing right here, haha. 

You guys want some industry insider gossip? Ok, don’t shoot the messenger, the big guys are down from 20% to 70% in sales. It’s time to mop the floors. When companies like Black Box are in peril, you know something is up. Why? Who the hell knows, my guess is that skaters are poor like us. They can’t drop mad cash right now on expensive wood and gear. So if you want to skate, and you dam well should, then you need to buy on the cheap. Hence, the reason shop decks hurt the giants in the street game and three hundred dollar longboards have been plaguing the shop shelves around the country for months. Of course the bad weather across the nation sure ain’t helpin’ sales either. The short of it is, what do you need a skateboard for? Is it to carry around the mall and impress the ladies? If so, then save up, cuz no honies ’round here are gonna be grabbin’ unless there is a price tag attached to that gear. Or are they? We can’t really say that anymore because thank god, this sport is finally appealing to girl skateboarders all over the world. I figure about 33% of our longboard sales went to support the female community. Hopefully that number will rise to 50% and this will be a sport for everyone to enjoy. And now back to the topic, if there is one. 

What are we up to? Churchill has made a strong transition back into printing and graphics production for OEM (original equipment manufacturing), IE: making product for other brands. This is a tough move since we go from making on average 33% profit to about 8% on everything we sell. Unless you are walmart, it can be hard to live on that but, it’s better than working for free. Why would we not just keep making awesome longboards? Well to tell you all the truth, we are losing touch with what longboarding is today. In fact, not a single brand in all of skateboarding can answer that. Hard to believe, right? It’s true and so much so that we are now seeing all the longboard guys making some sort of street wood and street brands making long wood. I gotta say, it’s still gonna be hard for companies that are known for making pintals and flexy boards to transition into the land of Girl and Chocolate and vice versa (I love saying that, not even sure what it means). But it does show us that the lines are finally blending and soon it will all just be “skateboarding”, once again. 

Did I wake up today and decide to type a bunch of nonsense or what. If you are still reading this, I want to give you a free skateboard….. Well, maybe not, but I do appreciate that you have hung in here with me thus far. I haven’t read anything in skateboarding much longer than two paragraphs in a long time. Pictures are always better. As I type, we have just had our big rain storm for the year. People sure do drive like shit in So Cal when the water starts falling outta the sky. No skating for us until the pools drain and the hills dry. So why not type. 

I wanted to thank you all for your emails. They end up in Dan’s inbox and I love having him sort through ‘em all. He’s great with responses. I know he won’t be reading this cuz it wasn’t emailed to him, so let’s talk some shit, haha.  To sum up most of the emails, your input is that “our marketing sucks, and when are going to make more longboards?”. We did re-launch some LTD’s and Krays that are selling through our sister site, but don’t have any plans right now for too many more models. Street deck and cruiser production is in full swing and we are still selling some of the best street wood in the game. Social media and instagram are not our strong suits but someday maybe we will get better about posting. Until then, we may ad a few decks back to the site but for the most part, is a place for us talk crap and take your custom board orders. If you need good wood and want to run 50+ decks with your name or brand on them, we are here to help. Otherwise, we are open for ideas. If you have something for us, send it over. Your opinion, good or bad, COUNTS. Send it over – :)